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Since 1991, Chicagoland Video Inc. has been capturing on video some of the best fire footage ever seen.   Comprised of a group of active professional videographers and fire buffs, Chicagoland Video provides videotapes with highlights from the most spectacular fires in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs. 

As most fire buffs know, Chicago sees its share of major fires.   Every year shooters from
Chicagoland Video Inc. go to literally hundreds of fires and shoot hundreds of hours of tape.

With all this fire footage Chicagoland Video is able to produce 2 or 3 highlights tapes each year, containing the most spectacular fire and rescue footage available anywhere.  Each Highlights tape is about an hour long and features 8-15 different fires.   Not only extra alarms make the tape, but in some cases “still alarm” and “still & box” alarm fires where one of our shooters was nearby and able to get good footage before a knockdown.

Although most tapes for sale are a collection of highlights from various fires and rescue incidents, Chicagoland Video, Inc. has also put together three special tapes which concentrate only on one massive fire.  The first is the Paxton Hotel Fire, the second is the Stewart Warner buildings fire. Recent additions to the special videos are the 5-11 + 4 specials from
19th Pl & Sangamon, and the 5-11 + 4 specials from the LaSalle Bank Fire in downtown Chicago.

All tapes contain actual audio from the scene of the fire (NO sound sweetening), and in some cases audio from the fireground frequency.    Each highlights tape also includes graphically displayed information containing the location of each fire and the alarm level.   Where appropriate there is also some narration included, giving in-depth information pertaining to a particular incident. 

Each tape includes an introduction and ending sequence which is edited to music composed by Scott Lasker.   Many of the clips included in these sequences are fires which did not make it onto the main body of the tape.   The entire production, from the introduction sequence to the ending sequence, is professionally edited.

We are proud to bring you these videos, and proud to now bring you this website.   In addition to being able to order our videos on-line, we will also be bringing you information about the Chicago Fire Department and surrounding fire agencies, as well as up-to date-information about the latest fires and incidents in and around Chicago.  

To get a on-line glimpse at images from our tapes visit our products page,  or check out our on-line photo galleries.

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